Care of the body

To embalm or not – your options

In most circumstances embalming is not compulsory – please do not hesitate to discuss the options with us.

Embalming is a procedure that preserves the body, slowing the natural process of deterioration. It allows family members and friends to confidently spend time with the deceased, to take their time to say goodbye in the home environment.

Spending time and caring for the deceased by dressing, applying make-up or hairstyling can be an affirming experience.

Natural alternatives

We will advise and support you with alternative preventative methods. Their efficacy will depend on the cause of death, medications or climatic conditions, likely limiting your options to view the deceased.

Many families opt to delay the transfer into our care taking time to acknowledge the death and to say goodbye. They gather together and ‘lay out’ the deceased, washing and dressing them, a natural extension of the care given in life.

A requirement of a Natural Burial is that the deceased is not embalmed, so our recommendation would be CoolCare, keeping the body in a chilled environment until the day of burial.

Home Funeral

If you have decided to take care of the deceased at home yourselves until the day of the funeral, we have a step by step guide we can email you.

Absolutely paramount is that the dignity of the deceased is never compromised.