Do your research

Do your research



If you are ‘thinking funerals’ you may be considering your own arrangements or investigating options for a relative or friend. To start, we have answered seven of the most frequently asked questions.

1. Which?

Cremation, burial or natural burial? Three obvious choices, although donation to medical science or burial at sea are also options.

Broadbent & May will ensure you make an informed decision.
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2. Green, eco or sustainable?

There are many ways to minimise your final imprint on our natural environment.

Broadbent & May provides genuinely environmentally conscious options to bereaved Wellington families.
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3. When?

You can have a funeral at any time; day, night or weekend – you are not restricted to week days.

Broadbent & May will advise you of your best options for you and your family.
Read on – Funeral Service

4. Where?

A funeral can be held almost anywhere; church, chapels, club rooms, community halls, hotels, homes, theatres, parks, gardens or simply at the graveside.

Broadbent & May knows Wellington’s venues and can suggest creative alternatives.
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5. Why?

A service or ceremony, to acknowledge a life and death, enables acceptance and grieving. United; family, friends and colleagues gather to support each other through a shared loss.

Broadbent & May will help you arrange an inclusive event that reflects the life and values of the person who has died.

6. Planning & paperwork

What information is required when someone dies and how best can you prepare in advance? Is a prepayment plan or funeral insurance advisable?

We’ve prepared some easy print forms for you so you can make your wishes and instructions clear to your family members or legal advisor.
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7. How much?

The overall cost of a funeral is within your control and depends on the choices you make. We encourage you to compare options and costs.

From our initial discussion, Broadbent & May will email you an itemised estimate of costs and will advise you of cost saving options.
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