Natural Burial

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Natural Burial – a pure exit

Wellington City is fortunate to have a Natural Burial Cemetery, established in 2008 through the dedication of the not-for-profit organisation Natural Burials. Located in the Makara Cemetery the site is administered by the Wellington City Council.

The concept is a burial site where nothing is introduced to the soil that will pollute or interfere with natural environmental processes.

Bodies are not embalmed, are dressed in natural fibres and buried in shrouds or certified caskets made of untreated, sustainable wood.

Shallow plots are at a depth where the soil is most active and over planted with a tree native to that area – eventually the site will return to native bush. Plot markers are biodegradable and all details are recorded by the Wellington City Council.

The Natural Burial Cemetery will become a living memorial to those interred there.

natural burial cemetery

Plot placement

The burial site has two sections – individual plots and double, side by side plots.

To optimise site regeneration, individual plots cannot be chosen or pre-purchased. However, if booking a plot for immediate use, a side-by-side plot may be pre-purchased in the double plot section.

Makara plot costs

Plot fee:                                            $2896.00
(includes planting of native tree, plot maintenance and interment fee)

Natural Burial Registration Fee:           $250.00
(includes temporary plot marker)

Natural Burials – for more information.

Approach to Kapiti Natural Burial area

Natural Burial – Kapiti Coast

A natural burial area has recently been established as part of the Otaki Cemetery. The site is administered by Kapiti Coast District Council.




Kapiti plot costs

Plot fee:                                                                      $2792.00
(includes plot maintenance and interment fee) 

Natural Burial Registration Fee:                        $250.00
(includes temporary plot marker)

A Kapiti Coast natural burial plot