Planning your funeral?

We have devised an Easy Peasy Funeral Plan for you. If it seems initially daunting, we suggest you start with the easiest choices or write down the things you know you definitely don’t want, which will help to the shape the things you do.

Consult with family and friends, those likely to be carrying out your arrangements on your behalf. While you are getting organised complete this form too, Registration Details, and leave it with your solicitor or family member.

Your farewell can be simple and low key or lavishly creative.

Their funeral plans

Thank you to those who have willingly submitted their ideas.

Artisan interior“Upon my passing I would like to be placed in an Artisan casket, lid off, in our family lounge. I want people to talk to me. My informal, at home farewell will be led by someone who can express my comfort with the unknown and infinite love. I want lots of noise; chatter, banter, freely expressed emotions and wild music. I want peace and quiet – naturally.”


Willow Coffin“My funeral will be a mix of the traditional and what I hope will have become common practice by the time I die – a natural burial. A soft shroud and a wicker basket in a shallow grave would be perfect. I plan to have a requiem mass in the Sacred Heart Cathedral with beautiful music, favourite readings and lots of participation from my extended family. A joyful occasion!”



“On my death I wish to be laid out by women and anointed with essential oils. I do not wish to be embalmed but managed with dry ice if necessary. Lay my head on a cloth embroidered by my great grandmother. Wrap me in a beautiful shroud then lash me to a sturdy board for transfer by family to my goodbye ceremony at a local community venue. Cremation or natural burial? Yet to be decided. No funeral director required”

Waitakere Ranges“I would like my funeral to be a little fun – with tears and smiles. Play ABBA’s Chiquitta, Clouds by Zach Sobiech and bagpipes. After the service a relaxed BBQ with a whisky or two. I’ll be dressed casually, in jeans, a nice top and probably slippers. A photo of my son by my heart. My vessel of choice is the Artisan Nikau. I wish to be cremated and ashes scattered (with permission) within view of the Waitakere Ranges.”


“I would like a direct natural burial at Makara Natural Burial Cemetery. Wearing a simple linen dress with a voluminous swing coat – feet, bare. Placed in a light wood Artisan coffin lying on the quilt made by my grandmother, created from bygone outfits. No graveside service but a performance by the Wellington Batacuda percussion group while backfilling. After, Old Stones Ginger Wine Reserve and Cadbury’s Summer Rolls will be offered. My native tree of choice? A common streamside daisy – Oleria cheesmanii.”

Have a thorough browse of this site, so you can make informed choices and in your own time, plan your funeral.

Registration Form – print this off, fill it in and leave with your solicitor or family member.

Please Contact Us – with any queries you may have.