You care – naturally

You care - naturally

As an advocate of sustainable practices, you consider your purchases carefully; buying locally, seeking natural or organic produce. You take care to reduce, recycle or upcycle.

Your approach to life can be reflected in your approach to death, by choosing to reduce your final environmental footprint.

Broadbent & May provides environmentally conscious solutions to bereaved Wellington families.

Locally there are options for:

  • natural care of the body
  • natural or eco coffins
  • natural burial cemeteries

Care of the body

For a natural burial, bodies are washed, dressed and kept in a temperature controlled environment until the day of the funeral. In most cases this method is also appropriate for cremation or conventional burial.

Care of the body

Natural burial

Makara Natural Burial Cemetery was established in 2008, giving Wellington residents an alternative to cremation or conventional burial.

The concept is a burial site where nothing is introduced to the soil that will interfere with natural environmental processes. Bodies are not embalmed, dressed in natural fibres and buried in approved shrouds or coffins.

Natural burial

Natural coffins

Coffins have changed too. A number of companies are dedicated to designing contemporary, natural coffins.

Down to Earth

Alan and Sebastian’s workshop is on Thorndon Quay.  Alan is a luthier and Sebastian is a skilled cabinet maker. Together, they make a range of solid wood coffins with a traditional aesthetic from rough hewn pine to a smooth oiled finish.

Return to Sender

Greg and Leanne are based in Auckland and create stunning contemporary final vessels. With smart design features, ingenious construction and minimal componentry, their coffins are ultra-light and beautiful.


For those who prefer a traditional coffin, Dean Taylor, a cabinet maker in the Wairarapa, produces traditionally shaped solid pine coffins in a range of wood colours from plain pine to a rich mahogany.

Coffin, casket or shroud

Funeral Plan – we encourage you to make your final decisions clear to family and friends. Print off this form and leave with your legal advisor or family member.

Contact us to talk through your options.